300 Square Inch Park Grill with High Walls

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Estimated Ship Date : June 20, 2020
High Walled Grill For Fire-Sensitive Areas
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High Walled Grill For Fire-Sensitive Areas

  • 1-year warranty
  • 300 square inch cooking area
  • Four-level adjustable cooking grate
  • Tippable grates for fire building and cleanup
  • Continuous rotation in either direction
  • Theft-proof and highly resistant to vandalism

Handle grips are made from heavy, flat bar stock. Installs on a 40" long steel pipe base without tools.The high walled sides on this grill should be considered in fire-sensitive areas.

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  • 10"H x 15"W x 20"L Firebox / 83 lbs
  • Estimated Ship Date: June 20, 2020