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BOMA 2016 International Conference & Expo
Beacon Hill Table
Beacon Hill Bamboo Table, 4 seats with Umbrella

The Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) 2016 International Conference & Expo was an outstanding event and Upbeat Site Furnishings was happy to participate in the “Green Zone” as an Exhibitor.  This conference has been in existence for many years and it is no wonder why.   From the vendor’s perspective the BOMA show has proven a solid opportunity to network with property and asset managers to learn about building operation challenges and opportunities.  Upbeat has been a proud member of BOMA national for several years and recently joined a local chapter in St. Louis.  Upbeat first went to the International Conference & Expo, which is held in June of every year, in 2015 but decided quickly it was well worth it and immediately began planning for the 2016 conference. 

                BOMA is an international organization dedicated to providing owners and managers of commercial property a source for advocacy, influence and knowledge.  It was founded in 1907, in Detroit Michigan and held its very first conference just one year later in Chicago, Illinois.  It has advocated against and for legislation throughout its history.  For over 12 years BOMA has been focused on sustainability and working with building managers to reduce energy consumption.  The organization continues to advocate, educate and provide a meeting ground for all professionals related to the commercial property field.

                The 2016 BOMA conference attracted around 1,600 attendees.  Upbeat has exhibited for two consecutive years in the “Green Pavilion” at the conference.  The “Green Pavilion” is BOMA’s specific area dedicated to eco-friendly products/ services.  Not only does the conference have 100’s of exhibitors but it provides an opportunity for those in the industry to earn continuing education credits for professional development.  Many professionals come to learn by attending the education tracks where industry leaders provide insights into topics ranging from how to create asset value to tenant relations and retention.  A prestigious award called the TOBY awards, which recognizes excellence in commercial building operations and management winners. 

Upbeat’s exhibit highlighted its sustainable materials in the Beacon Hill furniture collection.  This collection offers a sustainable style with contemporary steel accents to complement your choice of premium bamboo planks or maintenance-free recycled plastic lumber.  Upbeat understands eco-friendly products and services are increasingly important to BOMA members and the properties they manage.  Upbeat offers many products which use materials that positively impact the environment and some that qualify for LEED credits, like our premium recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo.  The advantage of our premium recycled plastic lumber is that it requires no maintenance.  All you need to do is place your site furniture where you want it and forget about it.  Our alternative sustainable material is bamboo, which is one of the most renewable resources on the planet and is stronger than teak.  In fact, the team at BOMA met an individual who was excited to hear the Beacon Hill collection used materials that could qualify for LEED credits.  She immediately requested product information to send to her team of 20 project managers.  Upbeat looks to continue to partner with BOMA in the future and find ways to help property managers find solutions to attract and retain their tenants.

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Get Your Site Ready for Warm Weather
Pool and Patio Buying Guide

Pool & Patio Buying Guide

As weather starts to warm up, you’ll likely see an increase in traffic to your pool, patio, or courtyard areas. The patio furniture you select to furnish your outdoor spaces can make a lasting impression on guests. Selecting appealing and appropriate site furnishings can make your site more attractive and inviting to visitors.

Umbrellas are necessary to provide shade for poolside activities; we offer a variety of fabrics and sizes as listed below:

  • 6’ Diameter umbrella – 30” (2.5Ft) bistro or café table
  • 7’ diameter umbrella – 36” (3 Ft) bistro or café table
  • 9’ diameter umbrella – 48” (4 Ft) round, square, or hexagon table
  • 11’ diameter umbrella – 60” to 72” (5 – 6ft) round or square as well as 72” (6ft) rectangular table

Bike Rack Buying Guide

It’s important to many of your guests that adequate bike parking be provided, especially during spring and summer months, when the weather is ideal for using bikes as transportation. This guide is designed to simplify the process of finding the right bike parking for your site.

An important aspect to consider is capacity, which refers to the number of bikes a bicycle rack can hold. But no matter your capacity needs, there’s a wide selection of bike racks to choose from:

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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on May 19, 2016.
Check Out the Trash Receptacle Buying Guide
Commercial Trash Can

Trash Receptacle Buying Guide

We’re excited to offer hundreds of trash receptacles to our customers but with that many options, we thought it would be helpful to put together a buying guide that will provide you with answers and insights to help narrow down your search.

Below is an example of the topics we cover in the Buying Guide.

Choosing a lid type is important for style and functionality. Considering individual needs tend to be different, we offer a wide range of tops that include:

  • Dome tops, bonnet tops and hood tops
  • Tip Action and push doors
  • Contour tops, convex tops and open tops
  • Ash tray tops
  • Recycling tops

Our Buying Guide details the differences in those options and helps you decide which lid type might be best for your site.  Click here to read the full Trash Can Buying Guide and see the other topics we cover!


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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on March 10, 2016.
New Products from Upbeat
Exposition Trash Can

Upbeat is excited to present our newest products for 2016! Make an impression on your site visitors with high-performance furniture designed for every style and budget. In addition, you’ll always have the piece of mind knowing our furniture is guaranteed to last.

Customer satisfaction is always a number one priority when designing new products and this year is no different. Below is a preview into what Upbeat will bring to you in 2016!

Exposition 22-Gal Plastic Receptacle/Recycler with Side Door

(pictured above)

Looking for a marine-grade commercial trash container? The Exposition receptacle is built to perform excellent in any environment. Impervious to moisture, the attractive Exposition trash receptacles perform perfectly in demanding wet weather conditions. The price is a great deal based on the exceptional quality this product offers.

Airi Collection

Modern Outdoor Bench

The Airi Collection offers a distinctive architectural design resulting in an organically modern and contemporary form. This collection, features the Leaf and Stix benches respectively, as well as the Airi trash receptacle.

Allure Collection

The ever so popular Allure collection has seen an update in the number of products currently being offered. We are introducing an attractive Allure bike rack that’s sure to add an upscale appeal. Looking to create a space-saving outdoor seating area? Look no further; we’ve added the Allure wall mount bench so that you’ll be able to effectively utilize your existing landscape wall. This appealing new design will be available in aluminum, bamboo, and recycled plastic.


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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on January 6, 2016.
Monthly Update: December 2015
Commercial Site Furnishings

Upbeat is currently running the following promotions, to help save you money:

Round Expanded Steel Table with Portable Frame – this table is a best seller and it has been reviewed by customers as a 5-Star product. Until the end of the year, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on this table.


Recycled Plastic Hexagonal Picnic Table – this table offers multiple benefits including being made from recycled materials and being reviewed by customers as a 5-Star product. It’s no surprise this is a best selling product and through the end of the year, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on this Hexagonal Picnic table in both standard and ADA styles.


In addition to exciting monthly promotions, Upbeat is also expanding our collection of wall mounted benches. Below are two examples of our new benches. Click here to see the full selection of new Allure wall mounted benches.





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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on November 24, 2015.
Three Benefits of Waterhog Floor Mats
commercial floor mats

Across the United States winter is fast approaching; with this change in weather your office lobbies and entrances will start to see an increase in snow, dirt and wetness. Conditions like these can lead to unfortunate accidents but there are certainly steps you can take to help prevent these situations and a great place to start is with your floor mats and entrance mats.

Upbeat Site Furnishings is proud to carry the Waterhog line of commercial floor mats. These heavy duty floor mats provide many benefits.

Below are three important reasons why Waterhog will be a great choice for your facility.

  1. Durability
    • These commercial floor mats include a one year warranty and layers of protection including: polypropylene fabric, rubber backing, and a built-in rubber water dam. Even with multiple layers of protection, they are lightweight and can easily be rolled up for storage during months when weather might not be a threat to safety.
  2. High Performance
    • As mentioned above, Waterhog floor mats use a polypropylene fabric. This fabric traps dirt and moisture below the surface and keeps it off the floors. These floor mats are built for safety; this is proven by the rubber backing which keeps the mats firmly in place. In addition, with the ability to hold up to 1 and ½ gallons of water per square yard, the built-in water dam is a truly stand out feature. Trapping moisture upon your visitors’ first steps is a proven method to preventing accidents.
  3. Variety of Options
    • Waterhog floor mats are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, backings and edge styles. In addition to the many material options, you can also customize many of the mats with the design or logo of your choosing. Waterhog custom floor mats can be cut to your specific dimensions, making them the ideal solution for the demands of your site.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right floor mats for your facility. But hopefully the details listed above will help you achieve a purchasing decision. If you still have questions, especially as they pertain to customization, call one of our friendly Upbeat representatives and they’ll be happy to assist with any questions you might have regarding our line of commercial floor mats. 1-800-325-3047

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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on October 29, 2015.
Upbeat Participates in 2015 St. Louis World Food Day
St. Louis World Food Day Company Volunteer

Upbeat Site Furnishings is excited to participate again this year in St. Louis World Food Day. It will be held Friday, October 16th, 2015 at John Burroughs School from 9AM to 7PM. This is an annual food-packaging event created to help feed the hungry. Meals are distributed locally to help people in need in the St. Louis area, as well as being distributed abroad via an outreach program. Local St. Louis companies and volunteers package hundreds of thousands of meals every year on this day. To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.


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This entry was posted in Community, Monthly Updates and tagged St Louis World Food Day, Saint Louis Community, Community Volunteer on October 14, 2015.
Fall Activities
Outdoor Fall Activities

Fall has arrived! Everything from the crisp breeze to the changing leaves makes this the ideal time of year to experience the great outdoors. A new season is upon us and it’s time to take advantage. Here are a few great ideas to get the most out of this much anticipated time of year.

Take Your Bike Out For a Spin
The views – oh, the views are going to be breathtaking this time of year! It’s the perfect weather to hit the trails one last time before winter months bring ice and cold. Maybe you don’t have a trail near your house? No problem. Take off a little earlier in the morning and ride to your local coffee shop, lock-up securely on a bike rack and enjoy a nice warm brew in the brisk morning hours.

Attend a College Football Game
Changing leaves and football seem to go hand-in-hand this time of year. Whether it’s collegiate, professional or a back yard pick-up game – football is in full force, making many fans extra excited fall has arrived. College football games are a great reason to get together & share in the camaraderie! Order your tickets and start planning the tailgate now.

For Family Fun, Try an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
Even better – make it a nature scavenger hunt. The details of your scavenger hunt will likely depend on age but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Ask them to find something big – a tree would be a great answer! 
  • Ask them to find something small - they might bring you a flower or a pebble. 
  • Ask them to find something orange - they’ll likely find an orange colored leaf with ease! 
  • Ask them to find a shadow – whether it’s their own or the shadow of a large tree, it’s sure to be a fun photo opportunity.

Speaking of photos, snap many along the way! Not only will it be a great treasure for your children to keep of the different finds they have along the way, but it’s also an opportunity for you to capture their moments of adventure.
These are only a few of the many ways you can take the good times outside this fall. Hopefully you’ve been inspired to create a list of your own fun fall activities designed to take-in the beautiful sights nature has to offer this time of year.

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Monthly Update with Upbeat: September 2015
Site Furnishings

New products

Upbeat is growing our patio table selection. We now have an even better selection of commercial-grade table and chair sets, including:

 Round mesh top tables                        Square mesh top tables


  Square solid top tables                      Round bar height tables


And more (click HERE to see full selection of patio tables)

Keep an eye on Upbeat over the next few months as we continue to carry new products that offer unbeatable convenience, durability, and style. If you’d like to be the first to see our new products, please sign up for our bi-weekly email updates and have new products and offers delivered right to your inbox. SIGN UP HERE

New promotions

Upbeat is currently running the following promotions, to help save you money:





Upbeat’s Resource page has great information to help you sustain and grow your business. Whether it’s making an informed decision with our product buying guides, or learning what corporate innovators are doing to make their sites attract and keep top-level talent (for more see our Corporate Campus eBook), Upbeat Resources has you covered!

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This entry was posted in Site Furnishings and tagged Site Furnishings on September 17, 2015.
Design Custom Logo Mats to Impress Your Guests
Commercial Floor Mats

Displaying your logo or a custom message on your entrance mats is an immediate way to welcome visitors in the building while keeping your site clean from winter weather tracks and visitors safe from slips.  Designing a logo mat shouldn’t be a challenging and time-consuming process. We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure the process of designing your own custom floor mat is as seamless as possible.

  1. Orientation is important
    1. Start with this question: Will your floor mat fit the space better in landscape or portrait orientation? If your mat will be placed in front of a wide entryway then it might make the most sense to choose the horizontal orientation of landscape. If your mat will be displayed in a more narrow area, such as the front of a reception desk or an interior door entrance, the vertical orientation of portrait will probably be the best fit. Consider placement and orientation prior to creating your custom entrance mat design or placing your order. Answering this question first will certainly help avoid any unnecessary cost or added time.
  2. Keep designs clean and clutter free
    1. Your visitors will spend only a few seconds wiping their feet on your new mat. With this limited amount of time to read your message, it’s imperative you avoid clutter and get straight to the point. If your design is simple, it will be easy to read and easy to understand.
  3. Contrasting colors are key
    1. Matching logos and colors across multiple areas of your company will create a level of professionalism both your guests and employees will notice. It is important to keep your brand standards in mind but also important for your logo to pop from the mat – this can be achieved by using contrasting colors. If your logo is dark in color, consider a lighter colored background for the mat. Of course the opposite is true if your logo is lighter in color; you might opt for a darker background on the floor mat.

Custom designed floor mats and entrance mats offer maximum visibility but for a limited amount of time for each visitor. It’s important to ensure your mats are designed to impress in a quick and stately manner. The three design tips listed above should have you well on your way! If you have any questions regarding your custom design, please reach out to our Support Team here at Upbeat and we’ll be sure to answer your commercial floor mat questions. 1-800-325-3047

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