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Parking Lot
The Traffic & Safety Buying Guide - If you own a parking lot, the importance of safety should be a high priority. When it comes to safety of your parking lot there are a couple of essential products that promote safety. Finding the right solution can be a little unclear if you don't understand the proper use of the products.
Parking stops are one of the biggest assets to parking lot safety, and Upbeat gives you the choice of recycled plastic and rubber. Most parking stops are 6' long and made from 100% recycled plastic. They include three rebar pieces for easy mounting and asphalt installation.

Speed bumps help you control the speed of car traffic in your lot or driveway, creating a safe environment for cars and pedestrians.

Upbeat's parking signs help you establish control of what happens in your lot. We have a wide variety of parking signs, including stop, speed bump, no parking, handicapped, and more.

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