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Shopping for site furnishings can be overwhelming. There are thousands of products to browse at Upbeat.com and we know there are many other options out there. In order to improve your shopping experience, we're now offering buying guides to help you through the process. These answers and insights will help narrow down your selections and help you make the right choices.
A Look Inside What's Shaping the New Corporate Campus
Company culture has increasingly become a priority for current and prospective employees. As the priorities of the corporate worker shifts, so should the priorities of the company. Creating an exciting, accommodating, and inviting campus can have a tremendous impact on retention and attracting new talent and is a tangible reflection of the company culture.
How to Create a Bike-Friendly Workplace
Biking to work has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many companies beginning to understand the value of having a bike-to-work program. A bike-to-work program is advantageous for both the employee and the employer and can make a surprisingly big impact on both.  Interested in how a bike-to-work program can impact you?
Buying Guides
The Pool & Patio Buying Guide
If you own a property with a pool, a patio, or courtyard with outdoor dining you likely see an increase in traffic as the weather gets warmer. The patio furniture you buy to furnish these outdoor spaces can make a lasting impression on guests by making your site more attractive and comfortable. Pool and patio furnishings include umbrellas, lounges and chairs, grills, and cafe tables.
The Picnic Table Buying Guide
The addition of picnic tables can improve your site on many levels. Tables allow your visitors to gather, relax, and enjoy your site for a variety of purposes. Typically, commercial grade picnic tables are an investment and therefore the pre-purchase research should be thorough. We've put together the following buying guide as your one-stop resource for everything you need to know and consider before purchasing your picnic table.
The Commercial Bench Buying Guide
If you've browsed online for commercial benches in the past, you know it can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. Not only are there many retailers, but each retailer tends to have many different models of benches. So, how can you find the best bench for you in a crowded market with too many choices? The best way is to focus on the key features and prioritize what’s most important to you.
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White Papers and Other Resources
A Fun Activity to Help Children Learn About Park Safety
For many families, summer months mean additional time spent in the great outdoors – at the zoo, at the pool and in the parks.  You might be spending one of many summer weekends at your neighborhood park or you might be planning your child’s first trip to one of the beautiful national parks that span across the 50 states. No matter the size of the park or the distance required to arrive at your destination, it’s important for young children to engage with the outdoors in a safe and clean manner.  We’ve put together a fun, hands-on approach for young children to learn how to have fun while staying safe in parks.
America's Most Eco-Friendly Cities
Over the past few years, commercial sites have placed a higher priority on becoming eco-friendly. As consumers continue to place importance on environmental responsibility, more companies, towns, cities, and states are adopting a greener business approach.
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